From Women & Children to NASA – Learn More about Earth Day


From Women & Children to NASA – Learn More about Earth Day

by Amy Lignor


It was in September of 2015, that all 193 member countries of the U.N. met together and decided to clean up habitats in overseas countries in order to combat the rising death toll of maternal women and infants that were dying at a rate of almost fifty percent. This year, that moral and legal pledge continues, as everyone makes sure that by 2030, no woman or child will be left behind or lost because of an unhealthy world.

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There are so many events and campaigns being run for Earth Day, 2016, that it’s important to discover as many as possible. And if you can’t be in that particular area/locale on the 22nd, the Internet provides a very easy way to chime in to each campaign and give either money, or make your own pledge to increase “green” awareness in your own community.


When it comes to the national and international campaigns, everything from making an attempt to build green buildings to enhance each city skyline and create better air quality; to standing behind “green” loans for those who wish to open “green” stores to better the neighborhood, there are a list of causes and paths that each one of us can pledge to walk down in order to save this planet.


One of the largest paths all should follow is getting together to join the solar revolution! From solar-powered homes to office buildings, transportation hubs, planes, trains and automobiles, the possibilities of solar-power are enormous. It is a fact that just recently in Adelaide, Australia, the world was introduced to the very first completely electric solar-powered bus. But Australia is not the only country taking a walk down the solar-powered path. A cooperative utility in Kansas is offering solar power to its members, stemming from their 1-megawatt solar-field. Refugees in Burma are relying on solar-powered lighting, while residents in Austin, Texas, are gung-ho and purchasing solar energy for less than the cost of nuclear, coal or natural gas. We can all keep this incredible momentum going. Having all cities go 100% solar/renewable energy by 2050 is not a fairytale goal anymore. It can be done. With each one of us working to decrease our carbon footprint by jumping on the solar train.


When it comes to getting extra education, there is an outreach effort in Philadelphia that all can go to this Earth Day and learn about the importance of environmental issues including, climate change, water quality, and management of materials.

If the beauty of Colorado is what surrounds you, the Wild Earth Day is definitely something to check out. This is Boulder County’s largest Earth Day event, and has been for the past fifteen years. Held at the University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History, this year’s Earth Day celebration will be action-packed, offering environmental interaction and loads of creative entertainment.


If “The Big Apple” is your home, or you will be lucky enough to travel there for Earth Day, the NYC Green Festival is full of over 250 exhibitors focusing on everything from vegan food to aiding “green” nonprofit organizations. Earth Day Initiative is also celebrated in Union Square, offering live music, interactive displays and kid-friendly activities.


And when it comes to the “big guys,” NASA has even announced their own Earth Day #24 Seven Social Media Event. NASA is inviting everyone from all over the world on April 22nd to share on social media what they’re doing to celebrate the day and how they work to improve our planet. Earth Day #24Seven campaign will give the globe a rare glimpse at the various efforts NASA is undertaking to protect and understand our home planet, including posting snapshots throughout the day on various Earth-related social media accounts that will give a bird’s eye view into NASA Earth science. NASA wishes to improve humankind’s understanding of the most complex planet ever known. Earth-observing satellites, airborne research and field campaigns, and many other NASA programs are designed to observe our planet. Oceans, ice sheets, forests – everything is studied in-depth so that NASA can improve our ability to save our home.


If it’s history that’s extremely fun for you, will be posting everything from videos to articles to historical features and more regarding the history of Earth Day, and what we can do to make sure this planet succeeds.


These represent only a very small part of what April 22, 2016, will bring. Across the world and across the Internet people from all lands are invited to celebrate, learn, and better understand the beauty of this planet and how each of us, in our own little ways, can save it.


Happy Earth Day!


Source:  Baret News


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