New Sports Plan: Be Bad?


New Sports Plan: Be Bad?

by Amy Lignor

It was all over the waves of the ESPN shows this past week–from Mike & Mike to First Take. All because of a tweet (isn’t that how all bad things begin?) it became news that the reason no one watches or will watch women’s college basketball is because the UCONN Huskies are too…good. Huh? Yes, it was even stated that UCONN Huskies, women's college basketball, Geno Auriemmaperhaps they should become just a tad worse so that viewers would get more excitement from the games, thus drawing in new watchers and producing larger ratings.


Take a moment for this one… Say Tom Brady is approached by good, old coach Bill, and told to throw more interceptions. Let the TD’s go for a bit so that games are more fun to watch. Now, okay, in this day and age Tom Brady is not actually winning all the games. But go back in time to a place called San Francisco where, in the 90’s, an unbeatable team was so far ahead in one of their Super Bowls that the only thing viewers did have to watch was the commercials and the halftime show because the game was THAT boring. Would the 49ers have been told to tone it down and get worse? Of course not.


Another fact was stated last week that was a whole lot more intelligent; that was the fact that perhaps if the viewers of women’s college basketball wanted better games, than the rest of the teams should get better, not have the Huskies get worse. The teams in women’s college basketball are not good. In fact, there are many games where the Huskies look like they could sit out at least thirty minutes before actually heading out onto the court in order to allow their opponents to get a few points ahead. But this is not a dynasty like the Dallas Cowboys, the 49ers – and others that have gone into the record books in many other sports. In this case, the Huskies are a dynasty that have lasted a really long time because they have yet to lose.


It is a bit odd…a bit like Harry Potter magic that when the all-star amazing women graduate in their senior year that there always seems to be a group of freshman who are just as good waiting in the wings. But before heading into the realm of mysticism, I would (for one) give the credit for all these wins to the awesome head coach, Geno Auriemma.


Thankfully, instead of listening to ridiculous words and reading dumb headlines, the Huskies came out and did what they had to do on Sunday night. Connecticut will head to its fourth straight national championship after literally running over Oregon State, 80-51. Connecticut is 37-0, and most likely is about to win the trophy, without breaking a sweat.


Senior forward, Morgan Tuck, in only 3:18, racked up 10 straight points on a jumper, a three-pointer, a driving layup that led to a three-point play and another layup, with the Huskies opening a 15-6 lead. No, Oregon was not a threat last night for one second, nor was any other team this year for the Connecticut Huskies. And the best part? The dumb tweets and the slightly-sounding-jealous words of others did not stop this team from being the absolute best it can be. Which, whether you like it or not, IS the best in women’s college basketball.

Source:  Baret News


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