Airborne Wireless Network “Soars” at the 2018 Global Connected Aircraft Summit


Airborne Wireless Network “Soars” at the 2018 Global Connected Aircraft Summit

By Amy Lignor


From June 4th through the 6th at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa in California, the literal “who’s who” of the aerospace, airline and airborne network communications industries came together for the Global Connected Aircraft Summit of 2018. They were treated with a look at the future. A future that has both a name and a creator: Airborne Wireless Network’s (OTC QB: ABWN) “Infinitus Super Highway (SM).”

Airborne Wireless Network

The 2018 GCA Summit provided the perfect forum that gave ABWN direct access to potential airline customers and suppliers, and all participants were educated on what this brilliant company has to offer. Already among the headlines, this emerging growth company has been working diligently to develop an alternative high-speed carrier network, and at the GCA Summit, this fully meshed network technology took ‘center stage.’

Being a gold sponsor at the summit (joining other gold sponsors that included, GoGo, HCL, Thales Avionics and Rockwell Collins), team members of American Wireless spoke to over 400 registrants; with over 100 being airline representatives from over 27 countries.

The CEO of ABWN, Mr. Michael Warren, stated: “We not only had direct access to airline customers, but the venue opened the door to explore mutually beneficial cooperation between us and established airline and aerospace suppliers.”

There were many highlights, including a panel discussion focusing on “Business Jets and the Connected Equation,” where integral members of the various industries addressed the problem of unmet demands that have arisen in this rapidly expanding global market segment. One of the panelists, Airborne’s own V.P. of Business Development and Compliance, Jason de Mos, went into detail to discuss the absolute need for a new step to be made that would improve connectivity improvements and deliver increased bandwidth at a reasonable cost, all at the same time.

ABWN also spoke about their support when it came to focusing on operations, and how airlines and business jet operators can create and experience more significant benefits, as well as increase their own efficiency in operations through increased aircraft connectivity bandwidth.

By developing and commercializing the “Infinitus Super Highway,” ABWN will bring about a significant leap in the field, providing this fully meshed network that is virtually solid – resistant to interruption because they will utilize aircraft as repeaters to route high-speed broadband internet across the globe. This plan works by linking commercial aircraft in flight. The projections are that each aircraft participating in the network will act as the routers, sending and receiving broadband signals from one aircraft to the next, thus forming a digital information superhighway in the sky.

When you review the world’s current connectivity and how it is achieved, you’ll note that undersea cables, ground-based fiber, and satellites are the ways this technology works. These paths have shown their ability to break down, become interrupted, etc., while also causing a backlash in many areas (i.e., too much “space trash” that could negatively impact and heighten future ecological/environmental concerns). With the adoption of the “Infinitus Super Highway,” Airborne Wireless believes that having their digital highway in the sky may be the answer to filling the world’s connectivity issues. Once the network is developed and fully implemented its uses could, in fact, become limitless. Acting as a wholesale carrier (with target customers being companies, such as internet service providers and telephone companies), ABWN walked the event’s participants through each step, benefit, and overall improvement that can be achieved with the implementation of this airborne digital superhighway.

In addition to commercial and private aircraft in flight, you are also talking about a network that, once developed, should provide low-cost, high-speed connectivity to rural areas, island nations, ships at sea, and oil platforms. Not to mention, in times of natural disasters when people need help and cannot afford to have their connections interrupted, the “Infinitus Super Highway” would be the technology emergency workers and volunteers could rely on.

Coming away from the GCA Summit, those in the industry were well aware (and well-informed) about this very real, very reasonably priced internet pipeline that will improve both coverage and connectivity in the near future.

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